About School

Shri Gujarati English Medium Higher Secondary School, Devendra Nagar, Raipur Affiliation No.-3330204 Run By Shri Gujrati Shikshan Sangh Raipur (C.G.) Our Mission Quality educations for all Mission Statement This school is managed by Shri Gujrati Shikshan Sangh, that aims quality education for all. The main aim of the institution is to give to the students all round educational, moral, academic, social and physical based high ideals and principles. Students are prepared to play their part in life and to appreciate true refinement in culture, specially the culture of our country . But above all stress is laid on good conduct, character formation and commitment to justice. In ensuring all the above goals school is offering a vibrant atmosphere to its students so that they can grow up in a stress free atmosphere and come out as a responsible and respectable citizen of this country. As per the laid own norms of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which aims at overall development of students so that they can stand boldly at global platform by 2022, our school has chalked out certain mission programme to achieve atleast 80% of its mission in the next three years. Multifunctional Auditorium: A state-of-art latest and equipped with modern amenities multifunctional auditorium has come up in the school. It offers student an excellent atmosphere with an aim to prepare them for various state, national and international sports events in indoor sports. The auditorium is providing students an excellent platform to develop their inherit talents and also nurture their capabilities to a global level. Likewise this auditorium is offering the students latest class rooms and labs which is also an essential factor for the overall development of students. Digital Class Room: In the multifunctional auditorium provision has been made for a digital class room ( smart class) which is giving the students exposure to practical learning quite different from the traditional pen-paper and black-board method of teaching. The over-head projector and computer system fitted in this digital class room take the students to a totally different level and when the slides and other vital information are shown to them live on the screen to their front there is a feeling among the students of being proud to be associated with this school. Library: Another vital element for the development of students is its library and our school has taken every care to develop a latest library. The library has been equipped with more than 6000 books properly tailor-made to cater the need of students. Every care has been taken to ensure that the students develop a liking for reading books in the library and gradually be more interested towards library reading simultaneously with class room teaching. Practical learning: The school has focused towards training the students, practical knowledge and increasing their exposure towards present day world. In this connection students are being given community training like visit to old-age home, leper home, industries and other places where to get to learn the hazards of practical life and at the same time get equipped to tackle the problems that come across in day-to-day life. With an aim to turn their inclination towards nature and society students are influenced to join National Service Scheme and National Cadets Corps. By joining NSS students are developing the habit of not only planting saplings but also take care of it till the time it grows to a big tree. Further students as part of NSS visits surrounding localities and create an awareness of the population living there for cleanliness and other issues helpful for creating a beautiful society. Likewise students enrolled in NCC learn to be self-disciplined, develop leadership qualities and also develop a sense of patriotism towards the country. Health Parameter: The school is taking every care to keep the overall health of students at a healthy level. Once a week physical education training is imparted to the students and yoga classes are conducted class wise in the morning hours for atleast 10 minutes per day. Also the trained medical professionals are called from time to time to check the overall health of students and also to advise corrective measures in case of any deficiency and shortcomings. Student Council: The school has ensured the formation of student council through which students are learning the art of discharging responsibilities with proficiency and also leadership qualities are developed in the students so as to make them boldly face the challenges of the outside world. Inter-House activities: Another important aspect of student’s development is holding inter-house competitions which is not only developing their co-scholastic talents but also giving them a platform as to how they can face the competitions. The development of mental strength is another important factor of student’s development and through inter-house competitions school is trying to infuse this strength in the students and at the same time develop a sense of cooperation with the fellow students. Development of culture: Another aspect which the students are losing these days is moving away from their roots. The school has ensured development of tradition and culture among the students by observing different festivals and traditions which come all throughout the year. With an aim to strengthen the roots of family values and culture school is planning to observe parents day, grand- parent day and family union so that students can experience the joy of living in a family and also learn from their grand parents values of life. Music & Art Room A separate dedicated art room is present in this school which unearths the hidden talents among the children. Our school has the honour to even host an art exhibition of artifacts prepared by the students of this school. Promoting scheme The management every year honors meritorious students with cash scholarships and free education is available for the economically weak students as per government norms. In addition students of this school are also receiving scholarships hosted by various organizations for their excellence in the field of education. Digital Classes The school runs digital classes for the students from class I-VIII in which they are given additional academic knowledge by means of over-head projectors and slide shows. Cricket Academy A cricket academy certified by State Cricket Association is functional in this school campus. It aims at bring out talents who will represent state and country in future. The participants of this academy are receiving coaching under the guidance of national and international level players. Education and Culture Education is incomplete if it does not take a child closer to the world. This is true in today’s globalized context where the young brains are constantly bombarded with an overload

Chairman's Message

Greetings & Congratulations for the wonderful result in 2023. We intend to move steadily in this success path with our efforts and your cooperation. Our motto is to mould your child into a responsible person with inner beauty of kindness, high character, honesty and love & respect for humanity and nation, to make your child not just literate but educated, to survive proudly in today’s competition world."Home is the first school of every child and parents are his first teacher."

Principal Message

The definition of a school of education for perfection rests upon two terms "school" and "perfection" while "school" points to grouping of disciplines to promote flexibility in curricula that can make education suit the need ability and means of the learner. Perfection emphasises the refusal to compromise on quality as it shall be evidenced in the advancement of knowledge. The motto, therefore, is an invitation to keep striving for the best for excellence in studies and all other training imparted or received. The emblem symbolizes “height of excellence in imparting modern education with dedication and its propagation"."Looking forward your close co-operation".